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// ivox811 MME - Love & Romance //
ivox811-01 Tender Feelings 01:06 Contemplative, calm Download
ivox811-02 Mellow Joy 01:05 Slide guitar, peaceful Download
ivox811-03 Floating On... 05:39 Mysterious, airy Download
ivox811-04 Romance In... 01:05 Tender, melancholic Download
ivox811-05 Candlelight... 00:44 Peaceful, sensual Download
ivox811-06 Lighthearted... 03:36 Contemplative, calm,... Download
ivox811-07 Space To Dream 04:03 Airy, relaxed Download
ivox811-08 Hitch-Hiking... 01:07 Slide guitar, bluesy,... Download
ivox811-09 Highway 61... 01:19 Slide guitar, bluesy,... Download
ivox811-10 Touch Your... 02:13 Sensual, mellow,... Download
ivox811-11 Warm Embrace 01:09 Romantic, lyrical Download
ivox811-12 Eternal Love 00:44 Tender, relaxed Download
ivox811-13 We'll Make Our... 00:37 Acoustic guitar, friendly Download
ivox811-14 Saxy Driving 03:26 Easy Groove, relaxed Download
ivox811-15 If You Need A... 03:16 Easy Groove, romantic Download
ivox811-16 Careless Cruise 02:41 Easy Groove, relaxed,... Download
ivox811-17 Heart To Heart 01:57 Easy Groove, relaxed,... Download
ivox811-18 It Broke My... 03:46 Tender, relaxed, melodic Download
ivox811-19 Teenage... 01:16 Easy Groove, relaxed,... Download
ivox811-20 Teenage Love 01:46 Easy love, relaxed,... Download
ivox811-21 Don't Betray Me 00:52 Easy Groove, relaxed Download
ivox811-22 I Still Love... 01:09 Acoustic guitar, friendly Download
ivox811-23 Softest Touch 02:41 Contemplative, calm Download
ivox811-24 For A Whole... 02:03 Tender, relaxed Download
ivox811-25 A Kiss In Sepia 00:54 Tender, relaxed Download
ivox811-26 Baroque Love... 01:16 Sensual, solemn Download
ivox811-27 Memories Of... 02:18 Cool Jazz sax, wide Download
ivox811-28 Where's She... 00:54 Calm, empty Download
ivox811-29 Shadows Of... 01:09 Relaxed, flowing Download
ivox811-30 Night Stroll 01:03 Reflecting, Jazz sax Download
ivox811-31 Franky's Sax 01:26 Solo sax, lonesome Download

MME - Love & Romance

Medley CD Download Download

Album Description:

Everyday people come together and break up. Love and despair is part of life and most of us have experienced both. MME 811 describes both moods in a fantastic way. All you need to do is listen to this CD and get some reminiscence from your lost love or just fall in love once again.