// bib038 Tough Stuff //
01 Cliff Diving Hero 02:18 Hard Punk-Rock, driving guitars, determined, aggressive Track-Cuesheet Loud & Unlimited
02 Dominant Species 02:35 Cool Hard-Rock, heavy guitars, encouraging, determined Track-Cuesheet Loud & Unlimited
03 Feuertaufe 01:48 Thrilling Hard-Rock, frantic guitars, running for ones life Track-Cuesheet Loud & Unlimited
04 Mean Guys Unlimited 01:58 Determined Rock, aggressive guitars, tough, wild, cool Track-Cuesheet Loud & Unlimited
05 Wild Boys 02:05 Aggressive Rock, heavy guitars, cool, extreme sports Track-Cuesheet Loud & Unlimited
06 Heavy As A Rock 01:58 Driving Rock, motivating guitars, determined, fun sports Track-Cuesheet Loud & Unlimited
07 Make Noise 01:53 Determined Rock, cool guitars, wild & who's the boss Track-Cuesheet Loud & Unlimited
08 Guy Against 01:37 Aggressive Rock, rough guitars, determined,, mad, cool Track-Cuesheet Loud & Unlimited
09 Behind The Wall 01:16 Thrilling Rock, heavy guitars, hunt him down, desperate Track-Cuesheet Loud & Unlimited
10 Double Trap 01:40 Pushing Rock, aggressive e-guitars, determined & angry Track-Cuesheet Loud & Unlimited
11 Backdraft 02:25 Energetic Electronica-Rock, aggressive guitars, pushing Track-Cuesheet Loud & Unlimited
12 The Rock Oscillator 01:35 Angry Dubstep-Rock, aggressive guitars & synths, evil Track-Cuesheet Tough Style
13 Smash It 01:45 Mysterious Dubstep-Rock, heavy guitars & synths, tense Track-Cuesheet Tough Style
14 Mother And Martyr 02:01 Cool Rock, dark guitars, talk-box, synth, uplifting, focused Track-Cuesheet Tough Style
15 Blast From The Past 02:11 Brutal Rock, aggressive e-guitars, fierce, evil, determined Track-Cuesheet Tough Style
16 Tough Guys And Rough Girls 01:39 Driving Rock, heavy guitars, determined, get out my way Track-Cuesheet Tough Style
17 Get Out Of The Way 02:31 Aggressive Rock, brutal guitars, no mercy & revenging Track-Cuesheet Tough Style
18 Hard Row 01:44 Evil Rock, aggressive guitars, violent, brutal & revenging Track-Cuesheet Tough Style
19 Tattoos And Biceps 02:17 Mad Rock, powerful guitars, aggressive, determined, cool Track-Cuesheet Tough Style
20 Ten Commandments 02:03 Mystic Rock, dark choir, e-guitars, focused & no mercy Track-Cuesheet Tough Style
21 Playing With Fire 01:56 Driving Electro-Rock, inciting guitars, encouraging & determined Track-Cuesheet Tough Style
22 Nasty Rolling 01:41 Pushing Rock, heavy guitars, wild, driving, powerful atmo Track-Cuesheet Tough Style
23 Handful Of Scars 02:18 Evil Metal-Rock, deep guitars, choir, frantic, solid & determined Track-Cuesheet Tough Messages
24 The Hard Road 01:38 Heavy Metal-Rock, aggressive guitars, pushing & brutal Track-Cuesheet Tough Messages
25 Tattered 01:32 Driving Rock, hefty guitars, determined, revenging, wild Track-Cuesheet Tough Messages
26 Muscles And Steel 01:59 Wild Rock, powerful guitars, aggressive, revenging, mad Track-Cuesheet Tough Messages
27 Run Race Run 02:14 Hectic Rock, rapid guitars, run run run, hunting, furious Track-Cuesheet Tough Messages
28 Eat Me 01:29 Mystic Metal-Rock, deep voice, guitars, powerful & evil Track-Cuesheet Tough Messages
29 Evil Grin 02:28 Determined Rock, hefty guitars, furious, aggressive, dark Track-Cuesheet Tough Messages
30 Highly Explosive 01:32 Mysterious Rock, heavy guitars, hard, wild, determined Track-Cuesheet Tough Messages
31 Attack Of The Robots 01:35 Heavy Rock, driving guitars, cool, determined, pushing Track-Cuesheet Tough Messages
32 Full Metal 02:37 Powerful Rock, inciting guitars, tough, extreme-sports Track-Cuesheet Tough Messages
33 Witch Basics 01:41 Gloomy Metal-Rock, Monster-voice, guitars, evil, doomed Track-Cuesheet Tough Messages
Album Description:

Loud metal mix for tough people and hard stories. Get ready to freak out!