// ivox266 Stress //
01 Crazy Crowd 01:52 Hectic Electronica, pulsating synths, disorientated, focused Download Track-Cuesheet Urban Stress
02 Stressed Living 02:26 Determined Electronica, tense synths, focused, restless atmo Download Track-Cuesheet Urban Stress
03 Stop And Flow 02:08 Cool Electronica-Hip Hop, dark synth, determined, gangster Download Track-Cuesheet Urban Stress
04 Run The City 01:53 Dark Hip Hop, oriental saz, vocals, focused, gangster, angry Download Track-Cuesheet Urban Stress
05 Traffic Is Terror 01:34 Calm Ambient-Dubstep, mysterious pads, exhausted, shady Download Track-Cuesheet Urban Stress
06 Dizzy Of The Day 02:10 Weird Electronica-Dubstep, pulsating synths, restless, tense Download Track-Cuesheet Urban Stress
07 Break A Mind 01:41 Aggressive Filmscore-Rock, heavy guitar, focused & chasing Download Track-Cuesheet Urban Stress
08 Tomorrow Is Today 02:15 Catchy Filmscore, mysterious guitars & strings, determined Download Track-Cuesheet Urban Stress
09 No Time 02:12 Frantic Drum'n'Bass, confusing synths, focused & escaping Download Track-Cuesheet Pressure Of Time
10 Power And Sress 01:47 Aggressive Drum'n'Bass, heavy synths, chasing, panic, speedy Download Track-Cuesheet Pressure Of Time
11 Time Race 01:59 Heavy Electronica-Rock, tense guitars, aggressive & focused Download Track-Cuesheet Pressure Of Time
12 Going Crazy 02:35 Determined Electronica, stomping drums, focused, threatening Download Track-Cuesheet Pressure Of Time
13 Stress Or Less 01:39 Motivating Electronica, speedy synths, downhill, enjoying Download Track-Cuesheet Pressure Of Time
14 Beat The Clock 02:12 Tense Electronica-Filmscore, aggressive drums, synths, angry Download Track-Cuesheet Pressure Of Time
15 Busy Day 01:36 Groovy Electronica, funky organ, guitars, chasing a cool guy Download Track-Cuesheet Pressure Of Time
16 What A Headache 02:39 Disorientated Electronica, hectic synths, escaping, on drugs Download Track-Cuesheet Pressure Of Time
17 Daily Burnout 02:31 Tense Electronica, nice synths, flying, determined, exploring Download Track-Cuesheet Pressure Of Time
18 Assorted Calamities 02:07 Gloomy Filmscore, warped guitars, strange, restless & uneasy Download Track-Cuesheet Psychological Stress
19 Tinnitus 02:59 Strange Filmscore, unpleasant noises, alien, uneasy, dismal Download Track-Cuesheet Psychological Stress
20 Cluster Pain 01:36 Thrilling Filmscore, hectic piano, disorientated, threatening Download Track-Cuesheet Psychological Stress
21 The Acceleration Dictation 01:38 Uneasy Filmscore, eccentric violin, feared, insane, burn-out Download Track-Cuesheet Psychological Stress
22 Stressed Out Outing 01:37 Determined Electronica-Rock, dark e-guitars, synths, insane Download Track-Cuesheet Psychological Stress
23 Crazy Rhythm Of The Day 02:04 Tense Filmscore, weird percussion, synths, restless, confusing Download Track-Cuesheet Psychological Stress
24 Stop The Telephone 01:32 Thrilling Filmscore, pushing strings, threatening, hectic, busy Download Track-Cuesheet Psychological Stress
25 Torn To Pieces 01:43 Gloomy Electronica, threatening pads, synths, thrilling, uneasy Download Track-Cuesheet Burnout Trap
26 Molecular Movement 01:54 Tense Electronica, pushing drums, synths, stressful, restless Download Track-Cuesheet
27 Total Burnout 02:15 Dark Electronica, creepy synths, uneasy, focused, psychotic Download Track-Cuesheet Burnout Trap
28 Critical Pressure 01:45 Gloomy Electronica-Dubstep, creepy pads, synths, evil, dismal Download Track-Cuesheet Burnout Trap
29 Monotonously Tense 01:36 Threatening Filmscore, dark synths, noises, focused, creepy Download Track-Cuesheet Burnout Trap
30 Chaos Or Cure 02:18 Gloomy Ambient, mysterious pads, percussion, creepy, evil Download Track-Cuesheet Burnout Trap
31 Don't Test It 02:34 Smooth Ambient, floating pads, synths, deceptive peace Download Track-Cuesheet Burnout Trap
32 Jitter Flitter 02:32 Creepy Filmscore, vicious bells, pads, mad, determined atmo Download Track-Cuesheet Burnout Trap
33 Stress Engine 03:22 Scary Ambient, undetectable noises, confusing, psychotic Download Track-Cuesheet Burnout Trap
Album Description:

Totally stressful album for nerve-wracking situations between traffic, time pressure, excessive demands, psychological stress and burnout traps.