// ivox133 Pure Atmosphere //
01 Bizarre Walk 03:29 Calm & thoughtful atmo, distorted electric guitar with reverb & delay, Rock Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Atmospheres
02 Forest In Fear 03:29 Spooky forest atmo, birds, dark pads, theremin, organ, jungle, silence, silent, calm, quiet, minimalist Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Atmospheres
03 Electric Troll 03:17 Dark atmo, distorted electric guitar fx with delay and reverb, silence, silent, calm, quiet, minimalist Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Atmospheres
04 Melancholic Myth 01:44 Light suspense, quiet & lonesome, solo piano, loneliness, fragility, glass, water, air, peace, Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Atmospheres
05 Haunting Harp 03:17 Suspenseful & mysterious atmo, solo harp, silence, silent, calm, quiet, minimalist Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Atmospheres
06 Toxic Kitchen 01:04 Dark atmo, low organ, sound fx, explosion at the end, suspense, loneliness, end, catastrophe, Download Track-Cuesheet Dark Atmospheres
07 Lost Thoughts 01:29 ContempLating mood, solo acoustic guitar, melancholy, loneliness, sadness, failure Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Atmospheres
08 Lost And Found 01:16 Stand strong atmo, piano, light strings, melancholy, loneliness, sadness, dreaming, acoustic Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Atmospheres
09 Laying Low 03:05 Quiet, contemplative, reed organ melody, light guitar accompaniment, melancholy, loneliness Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Atmospheres
10 Blue Mountain 01:00 ContempLating, positive, piano intro, strings melody, fragility, thoughtfulness, dreaming, harmony Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Atmospheres
11 Feral Farm 02:54 Positive mood, feral pig sniffs, organ and acoustic guitar, melancholy, soft, Pop, folk, longing, solitude Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Atmospheres
12 Positive Winds 02:21 Calm & positive atmo, synth melody, pads & choir, soft, harmony, meditation, wellness, concentration Download Track-Cuesheet Emotional Atmospheres
13 Nature's Rebirth 02:07 Peaceful atmo, exotic birds twitter, strings, percussion fx, nature, earth, water, air, animals, landscape Download Track-Cuesheet Elements
14 Star Splitters 02:12 Positive & hopeful mood, harp solo, atmospherical, melancholy, melodic, fragility, stars, nature, earth, water Download Track-Cuesheet Elements
15 Archaic Glare 02:30 Exploring atmo, synth pads and melody, didgeridoo, distant drum hits, World Music, atmospherical, Australia, Aborigines Download Track-Cuesheet Elements
16 Waves And Winds 02:29 flute solo, playful, lively & mysterious, lonely, atmospherical, thinking, thoughtful, loneliness, melodic, mystery, puzzle Download Track-Cuesheet Elements
17 Crying Whales 02:34 Positive underwater atmo, crying whales, female uhh choir, pads, ocean, water, sea, nature, earth, water, air, animals Download Track-Cuesheet Elements
18 Below Sea Level 02:32 Dark underwater atmo, neutral mood, big pads, synthesizer, space, technology, future, floating, atmospherical, thinking Download Track-Cuesheet Elements
19 Ocean Dive 02:31 Flowing atmo, high choir, pad, harp plucks, discreet drums, atmospherical, thinking, thoughtful, loneliness, melodic, suspenseful Download Track-Cuesheet Elements
20 Arab Horizons 01:32 Arabian flavor, flute & electric guitar melody, pads, percussion, suspenseful, thrilling, Oriental, religion, Islam, ethnic Download Track-Cuesheet Ethnic Atmospheres
21 Rainmaker 01:16 Relaxed mood, pan flute melody, light pad, percussion fx Download Track-Cuesheet Ethnic Atmospheres
22 Weird India 02:38 Meditative beginning getting more active, Sitar & Tabla in a dialogue, India, Indian, Asia, Asian, Hinduism Download Track-Cuesheet Ethnic Atmospheres
23 Frog Pool 04:04 Mystic mood, croaking frogs, dreamy guitar melody, didgeridoo, pads, light drums, Australia, Aborigines Download Track-Cuesheet Ethnic Atmospheres
Album Description:

Whether mysterious, spherical or just natural - sometimes a few tones are enough to draw an impressive musical picture. Enjoy dark atmos, sensitive emotions, cheery nature and fine ethnic sounds played with acoustic instruments like piano and harp or didgeridoo. Find also electronical arrangements with synthesizer or electric guitar. This is music for subtle scenes and atmospheric images.