// ivox369 Pollution //
01 Enviroment Pollution 02:19 Dramatic Filmscore, tense orchestra, mysterious, fateful Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Developments
02 Climate Impact 02:08 Tense Filmscore, dark piano, strings, mysterious, strange Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Developments
03 Planet Meltdown 01:33 Mysterious Atmosphere, tense synths, debunking, sneaky Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Developments
04 Biological 02:05 Dramatic Filmscore, tense strings, piano, dark but optimistic Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Developments
05 Greenhouse Effect 01:58 Dark Atmosphere, angry synths, contaminated, polluted, rebellious Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Developments
06 Cold Spell 02:11 Mysterious Atmosphere, tense synths, pads, urban, dark Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Developments
07 Heart Reanimation 01:32 Tense Atmosphere, optimistic synths, researching, resolving Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Developments
08 Climatic Migration 02:06 Weird Electronica, hypnotic synths, relaxed then determined Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Developments
09 As Time Passed 02:14 Mystic Ambient, mysterious pads, synths, insidious spread Download Track-Cuesheet Slow Poison
10 Climatic Changes 02:00 Melancholic Atmosphere, dark piano, underestimated danger Download Track-Cuesheet Slow Poison
11 Geo Engineering 01:41 Mysterious Atmosphere, shimmering synths, surrounded Download Track-Cuesheet Slow Poison
12 Threats Of The Future 01:51 Determined Atmosphere, threatening pads, tense, dark Download Track-Cuesheet Slow Poison
13 Climate-Sensitive Diseases 01:46 Immersing Atmosphere, tense pads, synths, dark, drifting Download Track-Cuesheet Slow Poison
14 Critical Edge 02:09 Mystic Atmosphere, floating pads, forgotten, deep, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Slow Poison
15 Climate Control 01:40 Uneasy Atmosphere, fateful pads, synth, dangerous, dark Download Track-Cuesheet Slow Poison
16 Urban Contamination 01:43 Gloomy Atmosphere, angry synths, cautious, threatening Download Track-Cuesheet Slow Poison
17 Dark Hours 01:45 Mysterious Atmosphere, gloomy synth, pads, tense, fateful Download Track-Cuesheet Contaminated
18 Disappearing Of Glaciers 02:03 Growing Atmosphere, uneasy piano, pads, dark, confident Download Track-Cuesheet Contaminated
19 Melting The Earth 01:33 Optimistic Atmosphere, determined orchestra, restarting Download Track-Cuesheet Contaminated
20 Last Days On Earth 01:56 Tragic Atmosphere, sad piano, dreary, surreal, uninhabitable Download Track-Cuesheet Contaminated
21 Old Earth 02:08 Touching Filmscore, fateful piano, what have we done Download Track-Cuesheet Contaminated
22 Sun Burns 01:56 Melancholic Atmosphere, fateful pads, abandoned, deserted Download Track-Cuesheet Contaminated
23 On The Fence 02:10 Optimistic Hip Hop, determined strings, sad but bearing up Download Track-Cuesheet Contaminated
24 Victims 02:01 Determined Ambient, dramatic piano, guitar, never give up Download Track-Cuesheet Contaminated
25 Collision Course 01:44 Melancholic Ambient, thoughtful kalimba, piano, abandoned Download Track-Cuesheet Contaminated
26 Deep In The Mud 02:08 Uneasy Atmosphere, dark cello, piano, tense, threatening Download Track-Cuesheet Contaminated
27 Katrinas Curse 01:49 Dramatic Atmosphere, tragic piano, choir, after the disaster Download Track-Cuesheet Wasteland
28 Heavy Truth 01:56 Thoughtful Filmscore, fateful orchestra, dramatic consequences Download Track-Cuesheet Wasteland
29 Lost Species 02:55 Dark Filmscore, thoughtful orchestra, dramatic, extinction Download Track-Cuesheet Wasteland
30 Deforestation 01:53 Thoughtful Atmosphere, calm pads, devastated then bright Download Track-Cuesheet Wasteland
31 He's Gone 02:42 Floating Atmosphere, tense piano, pads, dramatic, surreal Download Track-Cuesheet Wasteland
32 Safe The Earth 02:51 Mysterious Atmosphere, determined synths, bearing up Download Track-Cuesheet Wasteland
33 Weather Extremes 01:44 Dramatic Filmscore, determined orchestra, synths, dangerous Download Track-Cuesheet Wasteland
Album Description:

Careful what you inhale and consume! Subtle tensive to dramatic pollution mix for threatening developments, slow poisoning and contaminated sceneries.