// tvff013 Peterchens Mondfahrt - Original Soundtrack //
01 Mondlied 03:31 Soaring German-Song, soft vocals, free, magical, graceful Download Track-Cuesheet
02 Naturgeister 02:38 Magical Filmscore, soaring piano, pads, fascinating, gentle Download Track-Cuesheet
03 Flugunterricht 01:54 Panoramic Filmscore, motivating synths, initial difficulties Download Track-Cuesheet
04 Sumsemann 01:28 Sophisticated Filmscore, fleet-footed violin, happy, nice Download Track-Cuesheet
05 Sandmännchen 02:32 Tense Filmscore, mysterious synths, slightly dangerous Download Track-Cuesheet
06 Falter Im Wind 02:32 Light Pop-Song,positive flute, vocals, serene & soaring Download Track-Cuesheet
07 Aufbruch 02:07 Humble Filmscore, graceful strings, bells, sad & leaving Download Track-Cuesheet
08 Wolkenflug 01:03 Tense Filmscore, mysterious synths, strings, flying, gliding Download Track-Cuesheet
09 In Aeternum 03:01 Sublime Filmscore, majestic horns, choir, proud, splendid Download Track-Cuesheet
10 Hier Kommt Der Bär 02:03 Funny Pop-Song, cumbersome vocals, ironic, big, grim Download Track-Cuesheet
11 Mondreggae 00:58 Relaxed Reggae-Dub, floating pads, saxophone, dreamy Download Track-Cuesheet
12 Milchstraße 04:26 Fascinating Filmscore, glittering bells, sparkling stars Download Track-Cuesheet
13 Osterwiesen-Swing 01:06 Sunny Jazz-Pop, uplifting guitars, flute, cheerful, carefree Download Track-Cuesheet
14 Mondberg 01:31 Floating Atmosphere, soaring pads, immersing, letting go Download Track-Cuesheet
15 Kampf Mit Dem Mondmann 02:42 Tense Filmscore, threatening strings, dangerous, panic Download Track-Cuesheet
16 Sumsemanns Freudentanz 00:40 Happy Filmscore, joyful violin, celebrating, carefree, light Download Track-Cuesheet
17 Regenbogen-Abendglockenlied-Reigen 03:13 Floating Atmosphere, dreamy pads, magical, pure, fascinated Download Track-Cuesheet
18 Mondflug 03:38 Panoramic Filmscore, uplifting flute, synths, gliding, enjoying Download Track-Cuesheet
Album Description:

The exciting journey to the moon of the two children Peter and Anneliese has lifted the fantasy of many children. Various artists have taken place at the composition of the original soundtrack of the German TV series, which was released for the first time in Germany on the 25.12.1992. Editorial use only!