// ivox411 Let's Clean Up //
01 Django Mango 02:01 Lively Gypsy-Jazz, cheerful guitar, clarinet, smooth, hilarious Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Kitchen
02 Cleaning Maniac 01:29 Furious Polka-World Music, passionate violin, ardent Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Kitchen
03 Swing Like A Gypsy 01:29 Cheerful Gypsy-Jazz, lively guitar, accordion, celebrating Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Kitchen
04 Too Hectic 02:08 Happy Jazz-Pop, pizzicato strings, frisky, cute, swift, tiny Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Kitchen
05 Everything Twirled Around 01:44 Funny Swing-Jazz, frisky piano, upright, chipper housekeeping Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Kitchen
06 First Joys 02:16 Groovy Jazz-Pop, swift guitars, organ, happy housework Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Kitchen
07 Magic Napkin 02:17 Funny Big Band-Pop, chipper brass, synth, cocky, ironic Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Kitchen
08 Dancing Wipes 01:37 Bizarre Filmscore, stomping orchestra, amusing, furious Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Kitchen
09 Clean Machine 01:58 Light Folk-Pop, joyful banjo, accordion, carefree, elated Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Kitchen
10 New Looks 02:02 Ironic 60ies-Jazz, suspicious brass, bass, smooth, espionage Download Track-Cuesheet Dirt Detectives
11 Boring Procedure 01:52 Sneaky Filmscore, ironic guitar, strings, impish, concocting Download Track-Cuesheet Dirt Detectives
12 Meet The Spring 02:17 Driving 60ies-Rock, excited guitars, brass, tackling, groovy Download Track-Cuesheet Dirt Detectives
13 Kick The Bucket 01:31 Easy Gypsy-Jazz, fussy guitars, ironic, tailing, wary, funny Download Track-Cuesheet Dirt Detectives
14 Sweep And Go 01:41 Uplifting Funk-Pop, groovy guitars, happy, impish, chipper Download Track-Cuesheet Getting It Done
15 Speed Cleaner 01:39 Tackling Big Band-Rock, driving brass, piano, motivated Download Track-Cuesheet Getting It Done
16 Troublemaker 01:53 Sexy Big-Band-Jazz, cool guitar, brass, piano, attractive Download Track-Cuesheet Getting It Done
17 Attention Movers 01:44 Cheerful Soul-Pop, cool brass, rhodes, retro, jivey, tackling Download Track-Cuesheet Getting It Done
18 Washer 02:33 Smooth Rock, driving guitars, organ, sexy, cool, hunky-dory Download Track-Cuesheet Getting It Done
19 Cleaning Up All Rooms 01:24 Easy Jazz-Pop, light vibraphone, guitars, elated, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Easy Cleaning
20 Cleaning Mood 02:00 Light Swing-Jazz, buoyant xylophone, scat vocals, carefree Download Track-Cuesheet Easy Cleaning
21 From Floor To Roof 01:52 Relaxed Swing-Jazz, smooth brass, positive, elated, easy Download Track-Cuesheet Easy Cleaning
22 Wipe It Off 01:26 Groovy Jazz, cool rhodes, brass, wily, one step ahead Download Track-Cuesheet Easy Cleaning
23 Maid On Duty 01:32 Cool Pop, uplifting brass, guitars, retro, smart, cheerful Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Housekeeping
24 Spring Of My Life 02:04 Happy Indie-Pop, sunny guitars, bells, carefree, charismatic Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Housekeeping
25 Spring King 02:27 Uplifting Indie-Pop, cheerful claps, ukulele, sunny, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Housekeeping
26 Happy Summer 02:34 Sunny Folk-Pop, joyful piano, ukulele, summery, carefree Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Housekeeping
27 Wake Up With The Sun 02:28 Springlike Pop, carefree whistling, rhodes, new born Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Housekeeping
28 Move Everything 02:16 Elated Pop, springlike piano, rhodes, fleet-footed, easy Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Housekeeping
29 Giggles 01:51 Happy Indie-Pop, sweet guitars, bells, piano, cute, smiling Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Housekeeping
30 Clean Up 01:52 Uplifting Indie-Pop, driving bells, piano, guitar, carefree Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Housekeeping
31 Happy Minute 01:56 Cheerful Indie-Pop, sunny xylophone, guitars, enjoying Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Housekeeping
32 Spring Has Sprung 01:54 Carefree Pop, joyful bells, guitars, brass, wonderful life Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Housekeeping
33 Whole Family Cleaning 01:33 Enjoying Pop, light guitars, bells, carefree, at the right place Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Housekeeping
Album Description:

Messy or not? Quirky and sneaky housekeeping mix for the big spring clean-up or the daily ‘getting it done’ work. What kind of smart little helpers do you use?