// ivox409 Leaders //
01 The Power Within 01:54 Proud Filmscore, encouraging piano, orchestra, shining Download Track-Cuesheet True Leadership
02 My Childhood Hero 01:43 Heroic Filmscore, proud orchestra, monumental, gorgeous Download Track-Cuesheet True Leadership
03 Until The End 01:31 Epic Filmscore, powerful orchestra, synths, gladiatorial Download Track-Cuesheet True Leadership
04 Conquer The Moment 01:48 Powerful Filmscore, heroic orchestra, epic, rising, proud Download Track-Cuesheet True Leadership
05 Epic Idol 01:43 Panoramic Filmscore, epic orchestra, choir, proud, shining Download Track-Cuesheet True Leadership
06 League Of Justice 01:59 Building Filmscore, fateful piano, strings, poignant, proud Download Track-Cuesheet True Leadership
07 Last Battle 01:57 Fateful Filmscore, touching orchestra, lovely, grateful Download Track-Cuesheet True Leadership
08 Champions 02:59 Bright Filmscore, poignant orchestra, synth, fateful, proud Download Track-Cuesheet True Leadership
09 The Final Shot 02:13 Mystic Filmscore, tense orchestra, piano, determined Download Track-Cuesheet True Leadership
10 Future Is Now 01:48 Proud Filmscore, heroic orchestra, determined, inspiring Download Track-Cuesheet True Leadership
11 Modern Leader 01:58 Monumental Filmscore, determined strings, charismatic Download Track-Cuesheet True Leadership
12 Super Heroes 01:55 Bright Filmscore, positive strings, pads, aspiring, leading Download Track-Cuesheet True Leadership
13 Patriotic Spirit 02:34 Charismatic Filmscore, heroic orchestra, smart, aspiring Download Track-Cuesheet Patriots
14 Front Page 01:37 Sublime Filmscore, majestic horns, strings, leading, heroic Download Track-Cuesheet Patriots
15 Take Care Of Your Karma 02:08 Monumental Filmscore, epic orchestra, gladiatorial, aspiring Download Track-Cuesheet Patriots
16 My Hero 01:45 Glorious Filmscore, proud orchestra, triumphing, heroic Download Track-Cuesheet Patriots
17 Heroic Game 02:14 Triumphing Filmscore, glorious orchestra, heroic, aspiring Download Track-Cuesheet Patriots
18 Last Dictator 01:57 Sublime Filmscore, bright orchestra, aspiring, prosperous Download Track-Cuesheet Patriots
19 Hero Who Saves The World 02:05 Patriotic Filmscore, monumental orchestra, triumphant Download Track-Cuesheet Patriots
20 Silver Horizons 02:32 Glorious Filmscore, patriotic orchestra, triumphant, giant Download Track-Cuesheet Patriots
21 Predestined 02:31 Heroic Filmscore, proud orchestra, splendid, patriotic Download Track-Cuesheet Patriots
22 Be A Hero 01:52 Aspiring Pop-Rock, encouraging guitars, heroic, charismatic Download Track-Cuesheet Market Leaders
23 We Are Running 01:41 Panoramic Filmscore, proud strings, vast, aspiring, gorgeous Download Track-Cuesheet Market Leaders
24 Leadership 01:35 Tense Filmscore, mysterious guitars, pads, analytic, smart Download Track-Cuesheet Market Leaders
25 Heroes Of Tomorrow 01:55 Sportive Pop-Rock, calm guitars, aspiring, triumphant Download Track-Cuesheet Market Leaders
26 Pulling The Strings 02:05 Triumphant Pop-Rock, sunny guitars, strings, enjoying, vast Download Track-Cuesheet Market Leaders
27 Positive Climb 01:43 Monumental Filmscore, epic orchestra, aspiring market Download Track-Cuesheet Market Leaders
28 Medal Of Honour 01:29 Touching Filmscore, poignant piano, memorial, patriotic Download Track-Cuesheet Spiritual Leaders
29 Loves Strength 02:59 Emotional Filmscore, touching orchestra, proud, splendid Download Track-Cuesheet Spiritual Leaders
30 Ascending Victory 02:35 Building Filmscore, touching orchestra, victorious, heroic Download Track-Cuesheet Spiritual Leaders
31 Surrender 02:34 Mysterious Filmscore, fateful strings, synth, dramatic Download Track-Cuesheet Spiritual Leaders
32 Memory And Honor 01:49 Grateful Filmscore, touching orchestra, poignant, humble Download Track-Cuesheet Spiritual Leaders
33 Horn Of The Hero 01:36 Proud Filmscore, majestic fanfares, heroic, bright, patriotic Download Track-Cuesheet Spiritual Leaders
Album Description:

Patriotically inspirational tunes for portraits and documentaries on market and opinion leaders, political stars and real leadership.