// ivox416 Hello Weekend //
01 Be Happy Be You 01:52 Lively German Folk-Pop, bluesy guitars, brass, uplifting Download Track-Cuesheet Weekend Ahead
02 In The Countryside 01:38 Cheerful Folk-Pop, zappy accordion, whistling, funny Download Track-Cuesheet Weekend Ahead
03 Enjoy The Weekend 02:02 Ironic Jazz, joyful whistling, accordion, cool, sunny, playful Download Track-Cuesheet Weekend Ahead
04 Finally Friday 01:49 Exhilarated Jazz-Pop, liberated whistling, ironic, casual Download Track-Cuesheet Weekend Ahead
05 My Sunshine 02:20 Uplifting Pop, sunny synths, whistling, fun-loving, carefree Download Track-Cuesheet Weekend Ahead
06 Not A Care In The World 01:58 Carefree Country-Swing, joyful whistling, happy, delighted Download Track-Cuesheet Weekend Ahead
07 In The Field 01:32 Positive Pop, delighted whistling, guitars, light, spare time Download Track-Cuesheet Weekend Ahead
08 Bells And Whistles 01:26 Driving Pop, cheerful whistling, guitars, ebullient, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Weekend Ahead
09 Hello Friday 01:35 Serene Swing-Pop, joyful whistling, guitars, calm, carefree Download Track-Cuesheet Weekend Ahead
10 It's Friday 01:51 Joyful Pop, delighted whistling, guitars, daycation, smiling Download Track-Cuesheet Weekend Ahead
11 Get It Done 01:50 Uplifting Gypsy-Jazz, ironic guitars, brass, driving, funny Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Friday
12 Saturday Morning 01:51 Light Folk-Pop, serene xylophone, guitars, ukulele, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Friday
13 Outdoor Weekend 02:03 Sunny Pop, cheerful guitars, ukulele, strings, excited, playful Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Friday
14 Early Bird 02:02 Carefree Folk-Pop, light marimba, bells, cute, naive, joyful Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Friday
15 Waabalou 01:42 Cool Swing-Pop, uplifting scat vocals, jivey, fun-loving Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Friday
16 Weekend With Friends 02:22 Calm Pop, serene guitar, vocal cuts, enjoying, carefree Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Friday
17 Lovely Funny Weekend Trip 02:16 Serene Pop, sunny guitars, piano, delightful excursion Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Friday
18 Big Spring Clean 02:01 Positive Filmscore, pizzicato strings, piano, curious, agog Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Friday
19 Spring Shopping 01:55 Cheerful Indie-Pop, lively piano, strings, vernal, delighted Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Friday
20 Weekend Time 02:15 Happy Folk-Pop, soothing guitars, ukulele, serene togetherness Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Saturday
21 Hello Fun 01:41 Uplifting Teen-Pop, excited vocals, young, free, sportive Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Saturday
22 A Simple Song 01:53 Sweet Pop, serene piano, guitars, carefree, outdoor activities Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Saturday
23 Appointment 01:34 Sunny Country-Pop, cheerful guitars, free, fresh, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Saturday
24 Brands Pop 01:25 Uplifting Indie-Pop, positive guitars, free, active, vivid Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Saturday
25 Mood Of The Day 01:50 Positive Folk-Pop, uplifting guitars, active, sunny, blooming Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Saturday
26 Sunny Brunch 02:12 Cheeky Folk-Pop, vivid ukulele, guitars, young, carefree Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Saturday
27 Spring City Trip 02:35 Driving Pop-Rock, positive guitars, excited, young, enjoying Download Track-Cuesheet Happy Saturday
28 Relaxed Morning 01:54 Indulging Folk, serene humming, calm, cozy togetherness Download Track-Cuesheet Lazy Sunday
29 First Cup Of Coffee 01:42 Relaxed Folk, gentle guitars, cozy, soothing, sleepy, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Lazy Sunday
30 The Easy Life 01:34 Serene Folk-Pop, soulful guitars, lovingly, fond, enjoying Download Track-Cuesheet Lazy Sunday
31 Cozy Couch Weekend 02:13 Cozy Folk-Pop, relaxed guitars, lazy, couching, pleased Download Track-Cuesheet Lazy Sunday
32 Family Day 01:42 Peaceful Folk-Pop, positive guitars, enjoying, embracing Download Track-Cuesheet Lazy Sunday
33 Let's Get Lazy 02:00 Light Swing-Pop, calm guitars, rhodes, lazy, happy, serene Download Track-Cuesheet Lazy Sunday
Album Description:

Weekend vibes! Here comes the fun: Exuberantly whistled to happy and relaxed moods for the best days of the week! What are your weekend plans?