// ivox300 Conflict Zones //
01 Angered 02:15 Dramatic Filmscore, tense orchestra, melancholic, focused Download Track-Cuesheet Latent Crisis
02 Dangerous Crossing 01:28 Mystic Atmosphere, Oriental vocals, strings, thrilling atmo Download Track-Cuesheet Latent Crisis
03 East Stream 01:43 Tense Hip Hop-Filmscore, mystic pads, Oriental, thrilling Download Track-Cuesheet Latent Crisis
04 Illegal 01:39 Determined Filmscore, thrilling drums, strings, threatening Download Track-Cuesheet Latent Crisis
05 Dangerous Melody 02:05 Mysterious Filmscore, Oriental percussion, tense, relieving Download Track-Cuesheet Latent Crisis
06 Dark Road To Eden 01:38 Threatening Filmscore, tense synths, pads, mysterious, dark Download Track-Cuesheet Latent Crisis
07 Set To Clash 02:22 Shady Filmscore, mysterious synths, pads, tense, secret Download Track-Cuesheet Latent Crisis
08 Spidernet 02:00 Mysterious Filmscore, fateful strings, threatening, sneaky Download Track-Cuesheet Latent Crisis
09 Outlander 01:46 Tense Filmscore, mysterious synths, pads, slightly hopeful Download Track-Cuesheet Latent Crisis
10 Delaying Tactics 02:05 Tragic Filmscore, tense drums, pads, oppressive, gloomy Download Track-Cuesheet Latent Crisis
11 Maidan Revolution 01:32 Determined Filmscore, dramatic orchestra, approaching Download Track-Cuesheet Escalation
12 Carnage 01:43 Thrilling Filmscore, dark pads, percussion, mystic Orient Download Track-Cuesheet Escalation
13 Border Patrol 02:20 Suspenseful Filmscore, hectic drums, brass, chasing, scared Download Track-Cuesheet Escalation
14 Breaking News From Ukraine 01:36 Panic Filmscore, frightening sounds, drums, threatening Download Track-Cuesheet Escalation
15 Fight For The Truth 01:48 Tense Filmscore, dark drums, strings, tactic, threatening Download Track-Cuesheet Escalation
16 Mass Exodus From The Orient 01:40 Threatening Filmscore, Oriental strings, gloomy, escaping Download Track-Cuesheet Escalation
17 Gates To Freedom 01:37 Dramatic Electronica, fateful choir, synths, heroic, gloomy Download Track-Cuesheet Escalation
18 Human Smugglers 02:12 Dark Hip-Hop, tense synths, focused, relaxed, determined Download Track-Cuesheet Guerilla Units
19 Panic Run 01:29 Tense Drum'n'Bass, mystic pads, running, relieving, dark Download Track-Cuesheet Guerilla Units
20 Sniping 02:04 Pushing Filmscore, mystic percussion, determined, thrilling Download Track-Cuesheet Guerilla Units
21 Crazy Getaway 01:54 Threatening Filmscore, thrilling sounds, running, dangerous Download Track-Cuesheet Guerilla Units
22 Run And Fight 01:58 Cool Hip Hop, pushing drums, flute, determined, focused Download Track-Cuesheet Guerilla Units
23 Traumatic Scene 02:29 Positive World-Music, electric saz, mysterious, motivating Download Track-Cuesheet Guerilla Units
24 Smugglers 02:10 Mysterious Hip Hop, tense synths, drums, determined, dark Download Track-Cuesheet Guerilla Units
25 No Prisoners 02:08 Dark Filmscore, Oriental synths, strings, mysterious, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Guerilla Units
26 No Entry 01:45 Gloomy Hip Hop-Trap, tense synths, mysterious, dramatic Download Track-Cuesheet Guerilla Units
27 Come Closer 01:51 Groovy Hip-Hop, tense synths, funky, gloomy, determined Download Track-Cuesheet Guerilla Units
28 Great World 02:00 Tragic Filmscore, dramatic orchestra, melancholic, hopeful Download Track-Cuesheet Peace Perspectives
29 Back In Life 02:01 Touching Filmscore, bright strings, peaceful, hopeful, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Peace Perspectives
30 White Rose 01:54 Uplifting World Music, African vocals, gentle, relaxed, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Peace Perspectives
31 Fade In Paradise 02:04 Touching Filmscore, thoughtful piano, cello, calm, peaceful Download Track-Cuesheet Peace Perspectives
32 Ethnix 02:27 Groovy Pop, catchy strings, guitar, uplifting, encouraging Download Track-Cuesheet Peace Perspectives
33 Ceasefire 02:07 Fateful Atmosphere, heavenly choir, floating, touching, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Peace Perspectives
Album Description:

Today the world is confronted by a dramatic number of armed conflicts and latent crises. This album offers sensitive tracks for correspondents reporting on smoldering conflicts, escalations, guerilla units, diplomatic endeavors and the prospects for compromise and peace.