// ivox396 A.I. //
01 Blue Aerotaxi 02:26 Futuristic Atmosphere, digital synths, neuronal network Download Track-Cuesheet Innovative Concepts
02 Testing Equipment 01:40 Abstract Atmosphere, mysterious pads, computing, dark Download Track-Cuesheet Innovative Concepts
03 Processing Centre 01:34 Modern Atmosphere, digital synths, processing, neuronal Download Track-Cuesheet Innovative Concepts
04 Breaking Through 02:18 Mysterious Atmosphere, tense piano, futuristic, blurry Download Track-Cuesheet Innovative Concepts
05 A I Upgrade Kit 02:12 Futuristic Electronica, abstract synths, procedural, digital Download Track-Cuesheet Innovative Concepts
06 A Higher State 02:19 Optimistic Electronica, uplifting pads, innovative design Download Track-Cuesheet Innovative Concepts
07 Future Tribe 02:18 Hypnotic Electronica, deep synths, transcendent, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Innovative Concepts
08 This Could Be 02:13 Loungy Electronica, relaxed piano, futuristic, calm, analytic Download Track-Cuesheet Innovative Concepts
09 Humans In The Machine 02:15 Floating Atmosphere, soaring pads, vocals, transcendent Download Track-Cuesheet Serving Robots
10 Star System 01:59 Calm Ambient, peaceful synths, artificial love, gentle Download Track-Cuesheet Serving Robots
11 Futuristic World 01:57 Futuristic Atmosphere, floating pads, soaring, transcendent Download Track-Cuesheet Serving Robots
12 With One Hand 02:04 Floating Atmosphere, immersing pads, artificial neocortex Download Track-Cuesheet Serving Robots
13 Plextron 02:33 Scientific Ambient, calm synths, synthetic, neuroinformatics Download Track-Cuesheet Serving Robots
14 Remote Future 01:46 Wafting Atmosphere, floating pads, immersing, Turing test Download Track-Cuesheet Serving Robots
15 The Legacy 00:58 Dark Atmosphere, digital synths, technological singularity Download Track-Cuesheet Serving Robots
16 Signs Of Lfe 02:02 Calm Ambient, convulsive vocal synths, artificial life Download Track-Cuesheet Progressive Technologies
17 Smart Tech 02:04 Thrilling Atmosphere, dark synths, futuristic, secret labs Download Track-Cuesheet Progressive Technologies
18 Instant Connection 02:27 Creative Electronica, motivating synths, smart, cybernetic Download Track-Cuesheet Progressive Technologies
19 Innovative Ways 01:57 Smart Electronica, digital synths, computing, learning robot Download Track-Cuesheet Progressive Technologies
20 Minor Sea 02:07 Futuristic Electronica, hypnotic synths, cognitive science Download Track-Cuesheet Progressive Technologies
21 Artifical Neurons 02:20 Innovative Ambient, calm piano, passing the Turing test Download Track-Cuesheet Progressive Technologies
22 Molecular Emotions 01:36 Positive Electro-Pop, futuristic synths, cool, smart robots Download Track-Cuesheet Risky Algorithms
23 Company Time 02:24 Deep Atmosphere, mysterious pad, shady, existential risk Download Track-Cuesheet Risky Algorithms
24 Abnormal Results 02:08 Dark Electronica, tense synths, technological singularity Download Track-Cuesheet Risky Algorithms
25 Microcosm 01:58 Tense Atmosphere, dark synths, monitoring AI, learning Download Track-Cuesheet Risky Algorithms
26 Unknown Cyberattack 01:58 Aggressive Electronica, dark synths, machines taking over Download Track-Cuesheet Risky Algorithms
27 Under The Radar 02:07 Driving Electro-Hip Hop, uplifting synths, innovative, cool Download Track-Cuesheet Risky Algorithms
28 Multipulse 01:52 Thrilling Electronica, determined synths, mad androids Download Track-Cuesheet Risky Algorithms
29 Future Question 01:28 Futuristic Atmosphere, wafting pads, relieved, transcendent Download Track-Cuesheet Bright Perspectives
30 Inception 01:56 Melancholic Atmosphere, thoughtful piano, what's left Download Track-Cuesheet Bright Perspectives
31 The Pink Tricycle 01:35 Futuristic Atmosphere, optimistic piano, next giant leap Download Track-Cuesheet Bright Perspectives
32 Direct Motion 02:08 Artful Ambient, glassy piano, dreamy, digital symbiosis Download Track-Cuesheet Bright Perspectives
33 The Next Day 01:54 Positive Pop, gentle guitar, piano, bright future, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Bright Perspectives
Album Description:

Progressive Electronica mix for innovative approaches, smart robots, abstract future prospects and risky algorithms. Which robots simplify your life already?